Project #5:   GamerZone Magazine
  • Use the left and right arrows to look at the various web pages in the preview.
  • This is a magazine created for a fictional company called GamerZone. The magazine discusses features and ratings of various games such as Assassin's Creed VI, Grand Theft Auto V, and Batman Arkham Origins.
  • School project created for CMST 310 at University of Maryland University College.
  • This project was not a collaborative project.
  • Created using Adobe Indesign.
  • Contains 4 pages.
  • The magazine is created from scratch. No templates were used.
  • Contains copyrighted material. Images of video game footage, video game characters, a large portion of the text, and the background image on the cover page are not created by me.
  • Created on 3/6/2014.