Project #2:   Jay's Tacoes Website
  • Use the left and right arrows to look at the various web pages in the preview.
  • Click here to open the website in a new window.
  • This website created for a fictional company named Jay's Tacoes. The purpose of the website is to convince people to purchase the mexican style food that this fictional fast food restaurant provides.
  • School project created for CMST 388 at University of Maryland University College.
  • Created using HTML, CSS, javascript, Adobe Flash, and actionscript.
  • Contains 6 pages.
  • The website created from scratch. No templates were used. HTML code was typed in one code at a time on notepad.
  • Contains no copyrighted material. All photographs and graphic images used were created by me using a camera and Adobe Photoshop.
  • Created on 12/10/2014